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Two Major Obstacles To The Development Of Electronic Scale
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic scale industry can be said in the present is an integral part of society. The industry development process, can be said to be more advantageous than the general industry, because the customer demand is relatively high, and customer coverage is extremely wide, small to the street vendors, large to research and development personnel, are inseparable from various electronic weighing products.

Because of the rapid development of the city, the pace of life is relatively fast, so the supermarket shopping, or other consumption has gradually contributed to the increase in the demand for electronic weighing products. At the same time also gradually from the side to promote the electronic weighing products
Research and development. From the simple basic function to the current intelligent electronic weighing instrument, it can be said that the development of this kind of industry is indeed a step by step obvious. But as a manufacturer of electronic scales, we feel that there are two obstacles to the development of electronic weighing products.

The first is a lot of people in the industry said the ghost scale. So what is a ghost scale? It can be said that the emergence of such electronic scales is mostly man-made, that is to say a lot of electronic scale research and development of manufacturers in the development of electronic scales in order to save research and development costs and production costs, so in all kinds of non basic parts, workmanship, and the number of tests to tamper with, greatly reduce costs at the same time also manufactured this "ghost scale"!
This kind of quality has problems in the measurement of the ghost scale is extremely inaccurate, because they have a relatively serious quality and technical indicators are not in place, so in the use of the problem will occur frequently.

The 2nd hurdle is likely to be a concern for more people, and the problems abound. Everywhere can see where the electronic scale is short, selling vegetables, selling meat, roadside small supermarkets, more ridiculous is before we in Baidu News also saw a news report every scrap recycle station used electronic balance sheet unexpectedly also exists serious problem. It was revealed in the media after the incident.

This can be said in our website also wrote a lot about this kind of problem articles, many customers in the use of electronic scales is tamper, in the pursuit of their own interests at the same time but give us these electronic weighing apparatus manufacturers brought trouble.
Their illegal use, so that we in the future development of electronic scales do not know whether it should also be based on the principle of convenient use to develop. Many of the society of our products dissatisfied with the public opinion of our electronic scale manufacturers is also a huge blow.

These two points may be the biggest hurdle if electronic scales are to be more and more glorious in the future. But with the cooperation of the media and manufacturers, the two obstacles will be minimized, and we also appeal to more people, more customers to pay attention to this problem. Our industry manufacturers can also assure you in the future production will not exist in order to seek private interests and reduce the quality of electronic scales, because the development of this industry needs us to work together to complete!