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​The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Scales
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The main advantages and disadvantages of electronic scales:
⑴ reduce the operation link, speed up the measurement, save manpower, material, time, so that the goods in lifting, loading and unloading process to complete the measurement.
⑵ do not occupy the venue, easy to use and flexible.
⑶ can make the measurement work continuous, and play the role of monitoring and control. such as in the Non-ferrous Industries electrolytic Workshop, metallurgical casting occasions, you can timely monitor the aluminum (steel) water package of aluminum (steel) water weight, to maximize the use of equipment, energy saving purposes.
⑷ realizes the measurement data long-distance, the centralism surveillance, causes the human to leave the bad and the dangerous work environment.
⑸ is easy to combine with the crane control system to reduce the job setting. My company recently developed suitable for electrolytic Aluminum Workshop multi-purpose Crane unit electronic hanging scale, and the crane remote Control organic combination.
⑹ metering and verification is convenient, error correction is simple.
⑺ has many functions, high precision, strong cheating and low maintenance cost.
⑻ Hook-head hanging hanging scale affects the height of hoisting cargo, driving type, axle seat type need to transform the crane, the maintenance of the impact of the crane operation, embedded in a crane in a part of the weighing link, does not affect the lifting height, also does not affect the crane operation, is the current industry development direction.