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The use of portable electronic scales is a trick!
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Portable electronic scales for proper use:
1, each time post, the electronic scale should be in the vertical direction.
2, please carry the rings or on the Rings plus auxiliary tools weighing, do not hold the weight of the shell scale, otherwise it will result in weighing the error exceeded the display value.
3, in the use process should try to avoid violent collisions and shocks.
4, electronic hanging scale shell ABS Engineering Plastics, when cleaning, please use soft cloth and clean water or cleaning fine, strictly prohibit the use of benzene, nitro-type solvents, caustic liquids such as corrosive substances for cleaning.
5, if the display of low power signs, please replace the battery. If the electronic scale is not used for a long time, should remove the battery, so as not to damage the circuit due to the leakage of the battery.