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Electronic Scales Should Be Verified Like This!
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic scale through the measurement and verification, you can determine the accuracy of the measurement of electronic scales, to avoid the weighing of trade disputes and data errors. Another point is to avoid foreign manufacturers of weighing products, remote use caused by regional difference. The use of electronic weighing products more need to measure firmness, because electronic scales belong to electronic measuring instruments, of which key components weighing sensor with the extension of the use of time, there will be a 0-point signal changes and aging, weighing will produce a change in accuracy. Metrological verification will be calibrated and in accordance with the national Verification procedures for the inspection, if not qualified will be prohibited to use, so that the timely avoidance of disputes and errors, to protect the interests of enterprises and individuals. So it is necessary and very important to measure and verify electronic scales.