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Common Electronic Scales Generalization
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic scales are an indispensable tool for businessmen. The electronic scale is a kind of weighing instrument, using Hooke's law or the lever balance principle of force to determine the object quality. The electronic scale is mainly composed of 3 parts of load-bearing system (such as scales, weighing body), power transfer system (such as lever power transmission system, sensor) and indication system (such as dial, electronic display meter). According to structure principle can be divided into mechanical scales, electronic scales, electromechanical combination scale three categories.

1. Electronic Platform Scale
Electronic Taiwan is a a widely used in industrial, commercial, construction, warehousing, cargo terminals, bazaars and other industries, weighing scales can be divided into scales and meters two parts. Woshen brand electronic platform weighing platform using rice word structure, 6mm thick high-quality steel pipe made, load-bearing capacity is more than 1.5 times times the ordinary counting scale, effectively prevent the electronic platform said the common scale deformation and bending phenomenon.

2. Health scale
Health scale is a classification of the use of weighing scales (divided into mechanical and electronic), inexpensive, it can help people to effectively monitor their own weight changes, new products can also detect their own fat content, but also have some human-related features. may not be part of the metering apparatus.

3. Electronic weighing scale
Electronic weighing scale is an intelligent body weight measurement instrument, compared with the traditional pointer weight meter, it has the advantages of high measurement precision, lockable display and convenient reading. It is mainly used in physical fitness test body weight data measurement, for sports, medical and health, labor, schools and other units to carry out the use of health activities for all people, is one of the necessary instruments for students physical fitness test.

4. Kitchen scale
The kitchen scale, as the name suggests, is a tool used to accurately measure the amount of food raw materials used in cooking. The production material of the kitchen scale is generally abs or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scales may also be used to tempered glass, generally as a kitchen scale tray part, easy to clean.

5. Portable Electronic Scale
When the object is suspended on the pull table hook, the pressure is applied to the sensor, the sensor is deformed, so that the impedance changes, and the excitation voltage changes, the output of a variable analog signal. The signal is amplified and output to a analog-to-digital converter. Converts the output of a digital signal to a manageable CPU operation. The CPU outputs this result to the monitor based on keyboard commands and programs. Until the result is displayed.

6. Explosion-proof Electronic scale
Explosion-proof electronic scales are used in the security circuit and flameproof explosion-proof technology. Explosion-proof electronic scale, applicable to chemical plants, gas stations, gas stations and other explosion-proof requirements of the environment for high-value goods weighing.

7. Electronic scale
Electronic weighing scale the product uses high-precision weighing sensor and eight-bit microprocessor, with the weighing of the correct and rapid price, stable and reliable performance, easy to operate and other characteristics, widely used in commercial transactions and industrial measurement. The use of waterproof keyboard, good sealing, feel comfortable, especially applicable to the sale of aquatic products measurement.