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Careful Maintenance Of Electronic Hanging Scales!
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic hanging scale is a precision measuring instruments, the use of special attention to the following:
◎  Hanging pound anti-vibration and rain-proof performance is good, but should avoid severe vibration and prolonged rain, especially to avoid the electronic hanging pounds from the hook fell.
◎  Avoid overloading in case of damage to the sensor.
◎  because the battery has self-discharge phenomenon, so even if the electronic hanging pounds are not used, should also be regularly charged to the battery to avoid excessive discharge damage to the battery, generally every one months charge once.
◎  should pay attention to check the weighing body mechanical parts, avoid screws, bolts and other parts loose, keep the balance body intact.

Calibration of electronic lifting points
The electronic lifting pound has been calibrated with standard weights. Need to recalibrate, can contact with the local measurement department, or the factory or factory authorized agents contact, users do not adjust themselves.

Electronic lifting lb Function Description:
1. Ultra Low energy consumption design, circuit board power consumption is smaller.
2. high-capacity battery configuration, longer life.
3. Unique intelligent Charging protection function, to prevent the phenomenon of over-current and overcharge. Make battery life more strong, more
4. Super Highlight, low brightness display, automatic adjustment (need to set)
5. power-on, shutdown automatic voltage display.
6. Good dynamic weighing performance, not due to the shaking of heavy weight impact weighing results.
7. Equipped with wireless remote control, convenient operation.
8. Cumulative, automatic accumulation, peeled, long distance peeled, numerical retention, display of the value of the selection, arbitrary weight correction.
9. Overload, under the reminder display, low voltage alarm, battery capacity below 10% alarm.
10. Automatic shutdown function, to prevent the shutdown caused by forgetting the battery damage.
11. Hook-and-loop surface plating chromium treatment, smooth and clean rust-proof.