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What is the principle of fat scale?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

What is the principle of fat scale?
Is the fat scale useful?

Useful, in fact, fat scale is also called human body fat measuring instrument, it can measure body fat rate, body moisture rate, weight, muscle volume and so on, help you to understand the content of your body components, to promote people to know these content, can be through the right amount of exercise, the correct diet to achieve balance, to maintain health.

Fat scale?
Household purchase of ordinary fat is not very accurate, the family can afford to buy fat scales in theory can only measure the lower body fat. Then fit your upper body fat through a lot of data matching. The measure of the contingency depends on the amount of data collected by the manufacturer. The total body fat quantity certainly is not to measure out, is calculates the approximate value by the algorithm. To test the body's fat, use tens of thousands of of the equipment, the gym.

Is the fat called useful?
1, the study found that: if a certain frequency of electrical signals through the human body, fat part than the muscle and human body to mention his organization "impedance" value high. Using a safe and specific frequency of electrical signals through the human body, the electrical signal will vary depending on the human body "impedance" value.
2, Principle: muscle contains more blood and other water, can conduct electricity, and fat is not conductive. Because the channel conductor in the body current is the muscle, the difficulty of passing through the current can know the weight of the muscle, thus it can be judged that in the proportion of weight, the proportion of people with less muscle is higher than that of fat.

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