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What is the electronic scale
- Jul 12, 2017 -

What is the electronic scale
Electronic hanging scale is the weighing instrument which is weighed on line under the suspended state of the object. Generally consists of weighing sensor, mechanical bearing mechanism, weighing display instrument and so on.
Electronic hanging scale products a wide range, in accordance with the way the reading has wireless digital transmission, direct-viewing; According to the type of sensor can be divided into resistive and capacitive; According to the form of the hook head can be divided into hook-type hanging scale and hook-head hanging scale; According to the power supply mode can be divided into a limited power cable hanging scale and battery power wireless hanging scale; According to other methods can be divided into crane scales, monorail hanging scales and hand-held scales, according to the application of the occasion can be called thermal, magnetic and other magnetic scale.

Type of electronic hanging scale
The model of electronic crane scale includes two kinds, one is the wireless digital transmission electronic scale, the other is the direct-viewing electronic hanging scale.

Composition and structure of electronic hanging scale
Electronic hanging scale is generally composed of mechanical load-bearing mechanism, weighing sensor, A/D conversion plate, power supply, wireless transmitting and receiving device and weighing display instrument.

The composition of wireless digital transmission electronic Scale
The wireless digital transmission electronic scale consists of the scale body and the instrument, the weighing body contains the mechanical bearing mechanism, the sensor, the A/D board, the wireless transmitting device, the power supply and the shell body, in which the mechanical bearing mechanism includes the shackle, the hook and the pin shaft. In addition, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the system and sensor protection devices.

The composition of direct-open electronic hanging scale
The biggest characteristic of the direct-open electronic hanging scale and the wireless digital transmission electronic scale is that the instrument function is directly embedded in the weighing body, and the digital display on the scale body reflects the value of the weighing.