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What do you think of the scales?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

What about the weight scale?
1, the electronic said only kg (kg) and lb (lb) Two units of weighing, no "Jin" this unit, if the weight of 10 pounds is the switch to the wrong dial lb (pounds) over there. To open the back cover and put the battery, the bottom switch to the kg (kg) position, so that the correct display.
2, enter the specific key combination, you can enter the parameter setting interface, in which can be adjusted 0-bit offset and magnification factor. But also has the standard weight, and the verification method also must be correct. Different brands of electronic scales to enter the parameters of the way will be different, there must be a production plant internal calibration manual.
3, under normal circumstances, the electronic scale for a long time, the first weighing will appear error, the second and third times the same or micro-poor, your 3 consecutive times are not the same only 2 kinds of possibilities, one is called bad, the other is to stand on the top of the chaos, the first time to rely on the first, the second after the third, the left, the center of gravity instability caused by the micro-difference.

What do you think of the scales?
The first weight scale to be placed in the flat floor, do not put on the carpet or soft ground, more can not be placed in a high and low uneven place, also do not put in the humidity of the toilet, will be electronic products, afraid of water.
Weigh the time to stand up correctly. Two feet separate not to display the screen to live, first one foot gently stand up, the other foot again smoothly stand up, do not sway on the scale, more can not beat on the scale. Also do not wear shoes to go up, try to wear less clothes weigh heavier, so closer to your weight.
When you stand up, the display will give you a reading, beat it twice, and then give the readings, which is your weight. Then come down again and weigh again, if two times the same data, it's basically your weight.
The back of the weight scale is mainly grounded on four feet. This is the key part of weighing weight, the spring weighing device, these four feet must work at the same time to weigh out the exact weight.