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What are the advantages of human electronic scales
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The human body electronic scale belongs to the electronic measuring weighing instrument technical field. Includes a decorative lid installed on the upper cover, Ming Board, Button, the bottom cover of the installation of connected sensors and scales, upper and lower lid composed of the cavity inside the circuit board, battery box, LCD board, the characteristics of the body weight scale with plug-stick USB jack, USB Jack connected with the circuit board. U disk includes weighing date, the body weight curve, BMI (Bmi--body mass index) is a reference index to assess the ratio of body weight to height, and its formula is the memory procedure of weight (kg) divided by the square of the height (m) (BMI = kg/m^2)) and the body fat rate. Use the U disk into the USB jack, the user's weight, weighing the date automatically saved into the U disk. Remove the U disk Insert to install with the U disk matching the weighing date, weight trend curve, BMI, body fat rate of the memory analysis program of the computer's USB jack, the computer will automatically enter the health management of the page, view its weighing the date, weight trend curve, BMI, body fat rate and so on.

What are the advantages of human electronic scales
1, the use of high-precision weighing sensor
2. LCD monitor for easy reading
3, the data can be locked, automatic zeroing, testing more convenient
4, low power consumption, suitable for ordinary battery-powered outdoor testing
5. Insufficient power supply voltage and overload indication
6, automatic shutdown of the power-saving function