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The principle of electronic scale
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The principle of electronic scale
Display circuit:

Display interface: Digital (LED) and liquid crystal (LCD) Two, there is also a fluorescent display (VFD).
A LED: A total of A~g7 segment and a decimal point DP, 8 segments (light-emitting diode) by 8 data line control drive. The segment uses a common anode (+) or a common cathode (v), and each cathode in the 8 segment is illuminated by a bus control. Basically uses the software control, color: has the red;
B Working principle: pressure to the public point is called the bit signal, the operation to each segment is called the segment signal (glyph code). The use of dynamic scanning method to display the font code is completed by software.
C LCD Working principle: is a low-power, outdoor display eye-catching, beautiful. It is composed of a back plate (glass) and a number of segments or points, between the section and the back plate applied voltage (periodically changing the polarity of the voltage, otherwise the LCD will be chemical reaction, so that damage, so to use the AC signal drive (square wave voltage). The section shows that the polarity is not displayed at the same time (built-in decoder) when the polarity of the back plate is opposite. LCD driver: Using single-chip computer directly to drive the LCD to use more ports, so to use (CMOS) type liquid crystal display driver, it uses its own RC oscillator to generate periodic change in polarity of the driving voltage. Category: A with the bit input line to control the display bit, the drive itself contains a character generator to display. B with eight data bus control display.

Household scale is usually a variety of human health scales (including baby scales, fat scales), kitchen scales, pocket scales (mini scale, palm scale) collectively. In the world, China is a large producer of household scales. According to Taiwanese businessmen, the annual production of household scales around the world is about 30 million or 40 million, Asian products accounted for 80%, Chinese products accounted for 70% of Asia.
Household scale from the manufacturing process, is a labor-intensive products. From the aspect of use, it belongs to Non-trade weighing apparatus and does not require compulsory legal certification. However, the household scale is the use of the largest weighing instrument, its quality problems can not be ignored, the manufacturers have the responsibility of the international Legal Metrology Organization to formulate the OIML R76 international recommendations, the establishment of enterprise standards, strict quality control, to provide qualified products to society.
From a structural perspective, the household scale can be divided into mechanical scales and electronic scales two categories. Due to the maturity of electronic scale technology in recent 20 or 30 years, the mechanical household scale has been gradually replaced by electronic scale, and the electronic scale has become the mainstream product in the household scale. This article no longer uses the pen and ink to analyze the mechanical household scale the question, mainly based on the electronic household scale scope carries on the elaboration.

2, the current situation of household scale products in China
China's household scale production enterprises are divided into two categories, extroversion and inward-looking. Export-oriented enterprises mostly in the provision of OEM production, the International Home scale market for the seemingly foreign brands, the real China-made products are flooded, the customs provide the household scale export value of 150 million U.S. dollars, accounting for China's total exports of half of the aggregate. This figure shows that the Chinese household scale has made the world recognition, the export-oriented enterprise product intrinsic quality and appearance quality, all meet international standards.
Some inward-looking enterprises, because of the deliberate excessive invasion of the domestic low-end market, the pursuit of low-cost competition, the price of a domestic household scale may be lower than the export price of half, so these manufacturers in order to maintain profits, have to slash raw material procurement prices and sacrifice quality to depress manufacturing costs, the result will result in the durability and stability of the mechanical household scale, the problem of electronic products is even greater, such as the accuracy, the repeatability is very bad, the Four Corners error is big and weaken the resisting load ability, the 0 point drift is serious, The problem of temperature drift obviously caused great interference to the electronic home scale market.