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Portable electronic scales are not allowed
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Portable electronic scales are not allowed

The reason why the portable electronic scale is not allowed
1. The new purchase of portable electronic scales is not allowed
① Check the bottom of the transport protection is removed;
②The standard weight has the error in the transportation process, please again use the standard weight correction;
③ If there is any impact during the transportation, the sensor is damaged.
2, Reasons and methods:
① if the weight is much, you can take down the battery and put it back in.
② If the weight is less, everything on the tray is cleared and then 0 can be
3, show not what to do
The precision of counting scale and weighing scale used in electronic scale is determined by the accuracy of single weight sampling calculation, so the selection and operation of counting scale and weighing scale should pay attention to the following matters:
① According to the weighing accuracy of the single weight of the items, the scale of electronic scale maintenance requires that the scale value should be less than the single weight, for example, a single weight of 7g items, should choose the scale value of less than 5g. Of course, if only the scale value is greater than the single weight, you can use several items to combine into a counting unit in the form of counting, but also affect the accuracy of the count.
② Electronic Scale market research mentioned that the weight of the electronic scale is not allowed to sample weights should be greater than the minimum weighing of the scale (minimum weighing = maximum weighing ÷150, for example, the minimum weighing of 3kg scales is 3kg÷150=20g, then the weight should be greater than 20g when sampling.)
3 to maximize the number of samples, in principle should be more than 200.

Second, the portable electronic scale is not common problem detection method
1, please put the electronic scale on the flat table or ground use, do not put on the shaking unstable desktop or on the platform.
2, Avoid placing in places where the temperature has changed too much or where the air is moving violently, such as direct sunlight or air-conditioned outlets.
3, the use of independent power outlets to prevent other electrical interference.
4, adjust the electronic scale of the adjustment of the foot, so that the balance of stable and horizontal instrument inside the circle of bubbles in the center.
5, when the power is turned on, do not put items on the scales, before using the heat engine for more than 15 minutes (high-precision scale must be longer).