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Operating procedures for weighing and weighing electronic meters
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Operating procedures for weighing and weighing electronic meters
1, use dry brush or dry yarn head to clean stainless steel scales and the bottom of the pallet surface and sensor above, so as not to affect the weight.
2, adjust the scale foot (four feet, at the bottom of the scale), determine the scale is in a horizontal, vibration-free environment.
3, turn on the power switch when "Beep!" Beep! "After the sound stops, the scale will return to zero, complete the boot."
4. Determine if the battery power is adequate.
5, determine 0 point is in the position of →0←, if not, press [0-point correction] key to make the scale zero.
6, preheat 10 minutes before weighing.
7, when the first bag weighing, put the empty bag on the scales, weighing the bag heavy x.
8. After placing the item, the weight shown is gross weight = net weight + bag weight.
9. Turn off the power switch and clean the scale body (with a little brush or dry rag) and move the scale to the proper place.