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How to choose electronic scales
- Jul 12, 2017 -

How to choose electronic scales

There are two main forms of electronic weighing currently on sale: One is round, the other is square
Many friends think shape is not important, but it is not, because in the same size, square area to be larger than the round area, so in weighing the human body standing on the top, the square of electronic said to be more comfortable than the round, stable, can stand more space, also because the square health scale can well guarantee the stability of the stand. So in theory, the square electron is more accurate than the round, the price is more expensive.

Precision and bearing range
We weigh is to be able to more accurately know their own weight at any time, so the accuracy of the electronic scale is related to the measurement of the weight is accurate enough, poor electronic weighing is often only accurate to the whole digit, And good quality health scale is generally accurate to 0.1kg, to ensure that any small changes in the body weight can be measured; In addition, because the purchase of human electronic scale of the crowd of obese, so we in the purchase must also take into account the electronic scale of the load-bearing range, the current quality of the electronic scale of the largest load-bearing range can reach more than 150KG, basically to meet all groups.

Intelligence level
The intelligent degree of electronic weighing has a great influence on the convenience of use and the durability of the battery. Most of the inexpensive electronic scales currently on the market do not use intelligent design. Before each load bearing must first through the button to be able to carry on weighing, after the completion of the switch, in case of forgetting to turn off, long time shows will also greatly waste the battery power; and good quality electronic scale is the use of intelligent weighing design, no switch, when the human body station electronic scales, electronic scales will automatically induction and weighing, in the not to use a few seconds, but also to achieve automatic shutdown, very convenient and durable.

Three words
Taobao on the electronic said a wide range, to buy three words: Slim quasi. Shop, pick the best. Light, electronic said not too bulky, to move all the more difficult, talk about what convenient. Thin, this reflects the technical content, the thinner inside the finer parts. Quasi, needless to say, the most important selection criteria, the higher the accuracy of higher. In addition, the appearance of beauty is also very important. If it's hard to see, are you still in the mood to call?

What's the price of the electronic scale?
Judge how much an electronic scale is, whether it be industrial, commercial, or civil. We first consider the types of electronic scales, including: scale, hanging scales these are expensive; Second, look at the quality, good electronic scale brand is expensive. Finally see function, electronic scale function has: price, count, waterproof, explosion-proof and so on.