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Electronic weighing scale operation method
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic weighing scale operation method:

(1) Install battery
Before using the electronic weighing scale, please open the battery cover at the bottom of the scale, connect the battery, and then hit the unit conversion switch at the bottom of the scale to the "kg" position.

(2) Boot
1, the vibration of the boot: the balance flat on the flat solid ground, with the foot to tap the scale surface, you can boot. After the power-on LCD screen will display "8888", and later 0 to show "0.0", at this time the person can stand on the scale of weighing. Notice that people don't stand on the scale before they are zeroed in.
The electronic body weight scales or touches the scale body, otherwise it will affect the measurement results.
2, pressure on the boot: the balance flat on the flat solid ground, with the foot light on surface (greater than 5kg Force), you can boot to zero, and then weighing on the scale.
3, auto-on Boot: People directly on the scale, the scale will automatically boot and weighing.
4, key to boot: Some scale will have a special key to boot, general set key to boot.

(3) test
After the balance is stabilized, the liquid crystal display will display the weight measurement value (after 3 times the liquid crystal flashes to display the measured weight). At this point the subject can walk down the scale surface, the LCD back to 0 later, you can carry out the next weight test.

(4) Automatic shutdown
If no operation is performed in 1 minutes, the instrument will be shut down automatically.

The use of electronic weighing scale considerations:
1, the person may not hold the scale body to boot, if holds the scale body to boot, then 0 points is not allowed, must put the scale body on the ground, waits one minutes automatically shuts off the machine to use, or unloads the battery, according to the correct use method to reload the battery to boot the use.
2, the bottom of the scale has a toggle switch, measuring units can choose kilograms or pounds, kg will display "kg"; the pound will show "lb".
3, when the display "O-ld", indicating overload, that is, the weight has exceeded 150kg. Overload when the weight of the electronic weighing scale, scales can resume normal work, "o-ld" also automatically disappear.
4, when the LCD display "Lo", indicating that the battery voltage is too low, please immediately replace the new battery to continue to use, under the condition of electricity, the instrument measurement accuracy is not guaranteed.
5, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the operation should follow the following two points:
5.1, when using, put the scale on the flat and hard ground, and there is no debris under the scale.
5.2, weighing, the person upright in the middle of the scale, the body shall not sway.
6, if not long-term, please take out the battery in time, lest the electrolyte leakage corrosion scale body and weighing elements.
7, electronic weighing precision electronic weighing apparatus, should be careful safekeeping and correct use, avoid damp, fall collision, pressure and exposure. Do not rinse with water directly, such as the appearance of pollution please use soft cloth stained with clean water, strictly prohibit the use of benzene, nitro-type solution or liquid caustic soda cleaning.
8, carry and transport must be handled lightly, the shell by external blows easily damaged.