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Electronic hanging scale which is good
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Electronic hanging scale which is good

The choice of accuracy
As a measuring instrument, the first problem is accurate, so in the choice of electronic scales, the first question is to consider whether the accuracy of electronic scales to meet the actual work of the unit requirements, can meet the national standard of weighing standards. Generally speaking, as long as can meet the accuracy of the requirements of the unit can be, not too high the pursuit of high-precision, the accuracy of electronic hanging scale too high, the working conditions of the request is more stringent, the price is higher.

function selection
With the popularization of electronic sensor technology and computer network management, a variety of measurement and control devices came into being, in order to facilitate the computerization of management, hope that all kinds of sensor output signal as far as possible to reduce intermediate links, the current use of more interface signals for the standard RS-232 port and 20mA current loop signal. The general function of the electronic scale is set to: Peel (Qing 0), classify and accumulate (subtract), storage vehicle number, Tare, print, communication, overload alarm, change receiving channel, set password, etc.

Selection of weighing range
In the selection of weighing range, the most likely to be overlooked is the minimum weighing range, the scale of the electronic scales too large in the small weighing, although it can also reach the national accuracy of the scope, but the relative error has become larger. Also consider the electronic scale and crane matching problems, especially the electronic hanging scale of the rings, hooks are appropriate, carefully read the samples of manufacturers, if necessary, can be made in advance. Of course, it is important not to overload the electronic crane scale.

Choice of adaptability and security
Users should be based on their own work environment requirements, from the perspective of the color industry, used for raw materials into the plant, the finished product sales of electronic hanging scale can be used for electrolytic workshop, to consider the issue of non-magnetic, heat insulation, insulation, some occasions also need to consider waterproof, moisture, explosion-proof problems, but the impact of the accuracy of the sensor hanging scale is generally 150% overload force, too much overload although there will be no security problems, but will affect the accuracy of electronic scales.

The choice of Universal interchangeability
Usually, a unit used in electronic scales and other forms of electronic weighing more than one, the general exchange between products, the general exchange of accessories, it becomes particularly important. As we all know, big to car scales, scale, electronic platform scales, small to price scales, weighing scales, counting scales and electronic balances, no one is to take the resistance strain sensor as a sensitive element, even weighing apparatus manufacturers, measurement departments used in the dynamometer are also using resistance strain sensor, so it is easy to achieve network management, greatly facilitate the user, but also reduce the use of maintenance costs.

The guarantee of after-sale service
A good product is unavoidable in the use of the process does not occur in a fault, when the problem, whether they can quickly eliminate, manufacturers can provide timely services, this is the product choice when a very important consideration. A good product should be designed to take into account the convenience of maintenance, generally to carry out modular design, and easy to replace, when problems occur, to have a hint of identification, easy to determine the cause of the failure, the manufacturers should be able to provide on-site service in a timely manner.

Economic problems
The economic benefits of using electronic hanging scale include three aspects, first, the price of the purchase, to compare the price of performance, can not be excessive pursuit of high prices, low price, the second is the necessity of using electronic hanging scale, it can reduce the operation links, save space, reduce costs and improve product quality and bring benefits; third, the electronic scale of accessories and consumption of materials is universal, whether long-term protection, and prices can not be too expensive. The combination of these factors is the reference for considering economic benefits and decision-making.